Stefan Romeo is out to change the way people see and hear Art, fusing together a uniqueness of fresh modern abstraction for this sometimes self centred world of Art and design. Providing a various outlook on urban outlooks.

"When working against the odds if your not fitting in then fit out" Stefan Romeo provides a collection of collectable uniqueness that,
buries the same old new ones.

This is the future for those whom wish to be seen, heard, and understood as style moves forward, so does Stefan Romeo.


Stefan Romeo has released collections of music in addition to his abstract/pop art and both can be seen as a kind of complimentary opus intended to be taken into consideration as a whole rather than in single parts.


Just as music breathes life and soul into the everyday, so too, does the combination of art and music. That can be selected in the vehicles of iheart radio on board network as well as outside mediums such as Spotify • Itunes • Apple Music • Deezer • Shazam and Tubidy.


Further works of art can be found visiting